Dee Sign BSL Choir

‘DEE-SIGN BSL CHOIR‘ are a fund raising group of volunteers under the umbrella of Chester & District Committee for Deaf People Reg.Charity No. 237910 based at Chester Deaf Centre, South View Road, Chester CH1 4JG.

Donations for Renovation

Chester & District Committee for Deaf People have drawn up plans and costings for much needed renovation of Chester Deaf Center. (Details can be supplied).

They are looking for £350,000 to complete the work. This is a massive amount of money to try and raise, and hopefully they will be successful with their Lottery bid for £150,000. This still leaves a massive £250,000 still to find, so the choir are working hard to help increase money raised this year.

Any help from any source would be most welcome, as it has taken the choir 21 years to raise £200,000 – so obviously £250,000 in one year is an impossible task for the choir alone.

If you would like to donate or need more information, Please contact Anne Hesketh via email anne@deesignchoir.co.uk


Coffee and Cake morning

We held a coffee and cake morning on the 8th of June and raised £66 for;

Dementia Together Wirral is a registered charity formed due to a national charity closing their Wirral office leaving those people living with dementia and their carers without the supportive social calendar of regular events that has been built up over the years.

Charity Registration No. 1179533


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