Director’s Report 2016/17



The choir continues to perform and receive many unsolicited requests, and during this period have been so busy they have been unable to support some requests, which is a first in 20 years of performing, but as the choir becomes more well known and popular this is to be expected. We have to consider choir members private lives (all volunteers) and don’t want to overwork them.

During this period the choir supported 37 bookings and held 38 practises and have raised £9,560.17p made up of £6,232.64 collections, £3,275.13 donations and £50 sales, £2.40 Closed Old Account. Donations applied for and expenses £8,943.66p.

Donations were made to Chester & District Committee for Deaf People, Youth Vibe (DSN Youth Club) Youth Workers wages for one year £2,493.00. A lap top for a young deaf person £255.98, Lip Reading Course Tutors fees £512.

The choir will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, so we are planning to do something special to commemorate this. We also have a trip to the Liverpool Empire Theatre on 22nd November (signed performance) of WAR HORSE.

On March 11th, the choir entered the first UK Signing Choirs Competition. This was held in The Albert Hall in Nottingham. 14 Choirs took part – 10 seniors and 4 juniors. Dee-Sign entered the senior section only, as many of our juniors have left the choir to go on to university, or are working and have left the choir, so those remaining are now in the senior choir. We do have around 10 Juniors left, but they are not so junior now and well able to function in the senior choir.

The event was attended by over 700 people, Acapello choir LACE CITY CHORUS, from Nottingham performed. BBC 2 ‘See Hear’ were also there filming the event. The event was really well organised and will be an annual event travelling around the UK hosted by different areas. Liverpool will host it in 2019. Perhaps one year Chester might think about hosting it who knows, would need lots of sponsorship though, as it would be an expensive undertaking.


Senior Choirs

1st Dee-Sign – Chester (needless to say we were very proud)
2nd Vision Signing Choir – Kent
3rd Revolution – Kent
4th Radcliffe Community Signing Choir – Derby

Junior Choirs

1st deFerrers Signing Choir – Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire
2nd Heathlands Signing Choir – St.Albans
3rd Liverpool Signing Choir – Liverpool
4th Langley Mill School Signing Choir – Derbyshire

We currently have 21 bookings set up for 2017.

Special thanks to Sallie and Lorraine Fletcher and all the choir committee and members and collectors for all their hard work during 2016 and to Mark Jones our treasurer.


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